• Established in 2008 from a visionary Geek’s (Gary our COO) obsession with developing the perfect music player for his Macbook.
• CocoaChina is the largest and only iOS Developer Community in China. 70% of Chinese iOS developers are active contributors and registered members of our community.
• iOS Developers use CocoaChina as a networking platform to exchange ideas on programming techniques, marketing know-how and industrial trends withcommunity members.
• CocoaChina provides community services free of chargesuch as up-to-date industry news, analyses, data, member profiles, payment fraud prevention, recruitment services, etc.

PunchBox Studios

• We are fully committed to developing the most addictive and fun mobile games. Our most successful title up-to-date is Fishing Joy.
• Fishing Joy has reached the No. 1 spot on Apple’s Top Free and Top Grossing Games Charts worldwide. Fishing Joy has more than 18M installs and 2.0M DAU iOS Devices (as of Feb. 2012). For Android, Fishing Joy has more than 25M installs and 2.1M DAU (as of Feb. 2012).

Fishing Joy| Fishing Joy HD


We help developers worldwide to monetize their games and reach a Chinese user audience of +1B mobile gaming fans with little or NO risk to the developer as we bear the costs of marketing

Localization and Distribution
• Localization and cultural adaptation of games to the local market context.
• Distribution of games locally and internationally through reputed market channels such as the App Store and Android Market.

• Cross-promotion and advertising base on a footprint covering more than 50% of the mobile devices in China.
• Operational support such as server space and customer service amongst other services for Developers (if required).
• Cross-promotion and advertising with a coverage reach of +50% of the mobile devices in China.
• Protect and increase IAP revenue by preventing fraud payment and game piracy.
• Connect highly relevant local advertisers with your mobile games to maximize revenue opportunity.